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LUCINA Magick Candles with Essential Oils

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Candle size: 30g

Candle magick is an ancient way of manifesting your intentions and making your wishes come true. We are accustomed to make a wish during our birthday and blow the candle. This act actually send your wish to the Universe through the fire energy. With candle magick, you are actually channeling the transformational energy, which fosters and accelerate transformation in your life. That's the magic of the candle!

Magick Candles:

  • Van Van - Light this candle if you need a good shift in your luck for the better, or feel like your energy is stagnant. It helps to safeguard against harmful magic, bad vibes, negative intention and Mercury retrograde.
  • Purification - Light this candle to cleanse, purify and balance your mind and body. It helps to cleanse self-limiting and self-sabotage thoughts, past traumas and old beliefs. 
  • Pure Love - Light this candle to encourage self-love, attract a loving relationship to you and add passion to an existing relationship.
  • Bliss Relationship - Light this candle to encourage a peaceful, harmonious and loving relationship between the people around you. 
  • Prosperity - Light this candle to shift the energy relating to your finances in a positive direction.
  • Road Opener - Light this candle to open new pathways and bring positive opportunities your way. It helps to clear obstacles, challenges and roadblocks for your highest good, paving your journey towards success, growth, love and prosperity.
  • Come to Me - Light this candle to attract good luck, good fortune, good relationship, good vibes and positivity to you like magnet.


  • Made of 100% pure natural soy wax and therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Different blends of essential oils are specially selected to complement the intention of the candle.


  • This is not a scented candle as we do not add in any articifical or fragrance grade essential oils.
  • Each candle is meant for one-time burning approximately 4 to 6 hours. Suggest to do a prayer with postive intention and envision the desired outcome before lighting up the candle.
  • Candle magick is purely faith and intention based. We do not take responsibility or guarantee the results.
  • We do not encourage to blow the candle out for optimum magical results.
  • Place a fire safe trivet or candle holder below the candle to prevent your table surface being burnt and damaged.
  • Keep candles away from children, pets, drafts and flammable objects.
  • Don’t walk away from a burning candle. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Extinguish a candle if the flame becomes too high or flickers repeatedly.